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 Right Now Media


Church family,

We are excited to share that our church now has access to an extensive, new video library called RightNow Media! It’s like the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.

As a church staff, we’re always looking for ways to help you develop and strengthen your faith. We believe that RightNow Media will be a tool to serve you as you live out your faith at home, at work and in your neighborhood. RightNow Media has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow.

You should have already received an official invitation email to give you FREE access to RightNow Media. Once you find the email, simply click the link, sign up for an account, and you’re all set to explore more than 12,000 videos. We pray that RightNow Media will be a blessing for you and your family!

Check out the video below for a look at what this opportunity has to offer.

If you haven’t received an invitation, please email and we’ll send one out right away.

DiscipleLife Ministry

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation…” 1 Peter 2:2

Matthew 28:19-20 states, “Therefore go and make disciples…” We are a church that takes this verse seriously. Not only do we desire to see individuals come into a saving relationship with Christ, we encourage everyone to steadily grow in their relationship with Him. That is why we offer opportunities of discipleship.

Webster defines a disciple as one who is a pupil or follower of a particular teacher. As Christians we are disciples of Jesus Christ. However, regularly attending a worship service and/or Sunday school class does not make one a disciple. A disciple is one who individually and continually seeks to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ through the study of God’s Word and responds to the direction or change that God produces in their life. To promote the discipleship process, we offer these classes. This semester we are offering a variety of classes that will hopefully encourage you in your relationship as a follower of Christ.

Sunday Evenings for All

Financial Peace University
Facilitators: Sam and Julia Mynhier
Thirteen-Week Study
Room 1105
Suggested Donation: $120*

Did you spend too much at Christmas? Are you wondering how you are going to pay off those credit cards? Are you barely making ends meet? Do you want to take control of your finances this year? If so, this class is for you!

Financial Peace University is designed to empower people to manage their money better, eliminate debt, and build wealth. This course is designed for you if…
You think or say to yourself, “I can’t afford this program.”
You feel like your money has control over you.
You struggle in your marriage due to financial problems.
You live paycheck to paycheck
You carry large credit card balances, or use debt
consolidation loans.
You do not have 3-6 months of emergency funds.

You will: learn to put together a spending plan that works; step-by-step get out of debt; confidently invest for the future; remove the stress that comes with financial problems; take back control from creditors; learn the secret to improving your marriage, and much more.

*The cost of this class includes class materials, lifetime membership to this program, and a financial counselor if needed.

Experiencing God
Knowing and Doing the Will of God
Facilitator: Bruce Williams
Thirteen-Week Study
Room 1102
Suggested Donation: $15

Over time God has used the truths of Experiencing God to awaken believers to a radically God-centered way of life. As a result, millions have come to know God intimately,

to recognize His voice, and to understand His will for their lives. God is always at work around you. He pursues an intimate, loving relationship with you that is real and personal. Through the biblical principles of this course, God can teach you to know when He is speaking to you, recognize His activity around you, adjust your life to Him and His ways, identify what He wants to do through you, and respond to His activity in your life. God invites you to become involved with Him in His work. When you recognize where God is working, you can join Him in what He is doing. Then you will experience God doing through you only what He can do.

Your Journey From Mourning to Joy
13 week/ Video Driven/ Workbook
Facilitators: Karl & Dorthy Johnston
Room 1101
Suggested Donation: $15
***Begins January 27
Promotional Video

If you have lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably found that there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. That’s the reason for Grief Share, a special seminar and support group for people grieving the loss of someone close. Through video you will be introduced to leading authors, counselors, speakers, pastors, and top experts on grief recovery, dramatic reenactments about living with grief, and real-life stories of people who have experienced losses like yours. During the small group experience you will have the opportunity to interact with others who have experienced a recent loss, learn about their experiences and share your own. Discover exercises that will help you grow and heal!

Called and Accountable
God’s Purpose for Every Believer
Facilitator: Danny Davidson
Six-Week Study
Room: 1103
Suggested Donation: $10

Just as He did throughout the Bible, God is still calling His people, at this very hour, to accomplish His eternal purpose in redeeming the lost. The difference lies only in the nature of the assignment. Every Christian has a unique call to be on mission with God.

Through this study you will explore questions like:
Why does God call us? What is a call? Who are the called? How am I called? When am I called? How do I live out the call?

Learn how to prepare to be on mission with God by growing in discipleship. Learn how you are equipped for the call. Learn what to do if you miss God’s call on your life. And though every believer’s call is unique, you can learn the one aspect of God’s call that is universal to every believer.

Spiritual Gifts
A Practical Guide to How God Works Through You
Facilitator: Michael Donaldson
Nine-Week Study
Room: 1104
Suggested Donation: $10

God gives spiritual gifts to every believer. By discovering and using your gifts, you can experience supernatural joy, energy, and effectiveness in serving Him.

Through this study you will experience Jesus in a fresh way as you study each spiritual gift. You will learn to appreciate the genius of how Jesus designed the church as His new body, and understand the joy of allowing Jesus to minister through you as you exercise the spiritual gifts he has given you. Discover ideas for discerning your gifts and for using them in the church in a variety of ways. You will also learn to affirm the gifts in others.

Are you looking for ways to serve the Kingdom willingly? Begin by learning your spiritual gift.

This study will help new Christians discover their gifts and help those long experienced in the church to gain marvelous new insights to how the church works best when all members serve out of their giftedness.

A Clash of Kingdoms
Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord
Facilitator: Ken Hutchison
Six-Week Study
Room: Worship Center
Suggested Donation: $8
***Begins January 27

Like the Roman Empire, today’s governments or organizations can become centered on power and believe their messages are the “good news.” As Christians, we are called to proclaim God’s name to all the earth, but how do we do that in the midst of false gospels? Through this study you will discover how Paul communicated the Good News of Christ to Philippi, a Roman colony that worshiped false gods. Follow him on his second teaching journey, which took him to the     Roman province of Macedonia. There, the gospel of Jesus confronted Hellenism, the worldview of Greek culture. Immerse yourselves in the history and culture of the Roman world in Greece and discover how first-century believers became living witnesses of the kingdom of heaven who put God on display in a very pagan, broken culture.

None Like Him
10 Ways God is Different From Us
Facilitator: Brittany Curd
Ten-Week Study
Room: 209
Suggested Donation: $10

God is self-existent, self-sufficient, eternal, immutable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign, infinite, and incomprehensible. We are NOT. And that’s a good thing. Our limitation are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone. Calling us to embrace our limits as a means of glorifying God’s limitless power, this study invites you to celebrate the freedom that comes when we rest in letting God be God.

Facilitator: Sherrie Wilkerson
Room: 123, Church Library
Bring Your Bibles!

The Book of Ruth, nestled between Judges and 1 Samuel, is a short, four-chapter narrative that wraps together the human experience of unbearable loss, redeeming love and divine legacy with the hope and sovereignty of a redeeming God. From its pages steps a wayfaring foreigner into the town of Bethlehem, amidst hardship, famine and tragedy, affecting the course of human history forever. She is godliness with its sleeves rolled up, expressing her love for God even when she was profoundly devastated and left with a mother-in-law who had changed her name to “Bitter.” Ruth is an emblem of grace for every flawed and ailing sinner who has lived in her wake, not because of her own nobility but because of the One under whose wings she had come to trust—the God of Israel.

Do you trust God enough to follow Him?

Men’s Ministry Studies:
We are a group of brothers who are Aggressively seeking Jesus Christ, Reaching out to Men and creating Opportunities to encourage and equip each other to take on the Realities of life while modeling Christ, Yahweh

Multiple Groups
Multiple Time Opportunities

33 The Series:
Suggested Donation: $15

This group study builds upon many of the timeless truths taught by Robert Lewis in the original Men’s Fraternity curriculum. The series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in His 33 years on earth. Groups will explore the basic foundations of authentic manhood, and meaningful insights into the current state of manhood, which will help navigate through some realities that have created cultural confusion.
The study unfolds God’s mandates for all men, offering a clear definition of authentic manhood that will help men on their journey.


Volume 1: A Man and His Design
Each man will learn the four “faces” of manhood and how to anticipate and transition through the specific seasons of life.

Kevin Bracey
Sundays, 5:30 pm
Room 211

Roger Melton
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm
Room 1105

Volume 3: A Man and His Traps

Darrin Allen
Wednesdays, 5:30 pm
Room 212

Jason Suiter
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm
Room 211

Kevin Carroll
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm
Room 214

Wednesdays- Begins Jan. 16

Read The Bible For Life
Listen. Understand. Respond.
Facilitators: John and Cindy Goetch
Nine-Week Study
Room: 1103
Suggested Donation: $15

Reading God’s Word in essential to our relationship with Christ, yet recent studies suggest that only 16 % of people who regularly attend church read the Bible on a daily basis. Another 32% read it at least once a week. That means more than half do not read the Bible on a consistent basis. Why?

Created and preserved by the hand of God, the Bible was written over a period of 1500 years by at least 39 different authors. Its 66 books include a variety of literary types. Yet in spite of its diversity, the Bible is unified by the persistent love for sinful people and His passionate desire to redeem them as His own. We will examine the different types of literature found in the Bible so we can read it in accordance with God’s intention. This study will help you grasp the story of Scripture, learn how the various books fit together to present that story and communicate God’s redemptive message, and you will discover new skills for listening to, understanding, and responding to God’s Word. You will learn to read the Bible more effectively, in a way that produces real fruit in your life.

Change Your Life
Through Prayer
Facilitator: Andre Dugger
Eight-Week Study
Room: 1104

Prayer is essential to our relationship with Christ. Since prayer is talking with God, why don’t people pray more? Why don’t the people of God enjoy prayer more? It has been suggested that people—truly born-again, genuine Christian people– often do not pray simply because they don’t feel like it. And the reason they don’t feel like praying is that when they do pray, they tend to say the same old thing about the same old things.

Most Christians want to pray but don’t know how to carry on a simple, sustained, satisfying conversation with God. Just as infants must be taught to talk, Christians must be taught to pray. Once you know how to pray, prayer will be fulfilling, refreshing, and even fun.

Through this study you will be taught how to pray like Jesus and his early followers and will be encouraged to follow the example they set so that you will experience a more fulfilling relationship with Christ.

RightNow Media
Grow in your faith from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you can take a mobile device. Check out RightNow Media at Access to Bible Studies of all kinds, including videos for children. RightNow Media is the Netflix of Christian videos. Email Danny Davidson for FREE access at

NOTE: We at FBCJ encourage participation in DiscipleLife to promote spiritual growth, and we never want cost to be a determining factor. The cost for most classes covers the cost of the book and materials. If cost is a factor for you, scholarships are available and confidential. Contact Minister of Education and Administration Danny Davidson at 876-0527.