First Baptist Church Joelton


To fully appreciate the history of First Baptist Church Joelton requires the knowledge and appreciation of the church and its humble beginnings ninety years ago. The story of our church is the same story of the faithful throughout time. God has blessed our faithfulness with His. Paradoxically, it seems that God speaks to us more loudly in times of adversity than He does in times of prosperity — or is it that our hearing simply becomes more acute in times of need?

It’s that kind of continuity that has forged a church. It’s a tapestry, a fabric woven by the threads of faithful lives of people like George Milliken, founder and first pastor, and his son, Jasper. We’ve had pastors who, at times, have preached for “eatins.” We’ve had church treasurers who made up the shortfall out of their own pockets. Our church has seen some hard times, a hardness that has been hidden and seems as foreign as hunger to our congregation today. There was a time during the great depression when only one man in the church had a “public job.” The women of the church not only made and sold quilts, they also sold “Sunday Eggs” to help pay the pastor’s salary and buy a piano. Believe it or not, our church, the one with the nice new sanctuary and big steeple, has had to ask the Sunday School Board for free, surplus Sunday School material. On at least two occasions, our church leaders even considered leasing a couple of acres of land to raise a tobacco crop in order to keep the doors open. But that’s all part of what made us; it’s what makes the steeple look so tall to many of us, the stained glass look so spectacular, and the music sound so magnificent in that wonderful sanctuary we have today. Individually, we are products of our past, the sum total of our experiences, and First Baptist Church Joelton is no different. The wonderfully full and faithful heritage of our church, even in difficult times, has made it what it is today and has given us a vision for the future and the continued building of God’s kingdom.