First Baptist Church Joelton

Small Groups

The Adult Education Ministry of the church provides the foundational strategy for evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and worship. It enables us to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach and study the Scripture of God’s Holy Word and to minister to the needs of those around us. At the core of every individual is the need for relationships. We desire a relationship with God, our Creator, and with fellow Christians with whom we share a common bond. By gathering together in small groups, studying and discussing God’s Word, sharing the issues and challenges of life, and praying and caring for one another, we experience the abundant life Christ came to give. We also grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Bible, connect with others in similar life stages, build lasting friendships, and discover opportunities to engage in ministry action.

Sunday School/Small Group – Sundays at 8:30 & 9:30 a.m.

The Sunday School/Small Group Ministry is committed to teaching God’s Word so that people might grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and in their relationship with Him. We offer classes/groups for all ages and life situations where you can:

  • *  Continue to grow in your faith
  • *  Build lasting relationships and friendships
  • *  Identify your spiritual gifts and ministry opportunities
  • *  Truly feel a part of the church family

Here is a complete listing of all Adult Sunday School classes.

8:30 Sunday School
RM Class Teacher
212 Faithmates  (28-39) John & Cindy Goetsch
Adult I
RM  Class Teacher
1101 Adult 1A Linda Beuscher, Steve Stroup
1103 Adult 1B (45+) Gary & Kathy Jenkins
212 Adult 1C (50+) Scott & Wendelyn McCullough
1104 Sojourners (50+) Wayne Simmons
RM  Class    Teacher
1102 Women 1 (mixed) Regina Patton
RM  Class Teacher
122 Men’s Bible Study Tom Essary
Mixed  Ages (co-ed)
RM  Class Teacher
123               Adult 1D Michael Donaldson,                  David Royalty
9:30 Sunday School
RM  Class Teacher
121 Women 2 (40-55) Sherry Williams
RM  Class Teacher
1103 Young Adults 2 (23-30) Randy & Ruth Ann Williams
1102 Young Adults 2A (28-40) Danny & Michelle Davidson
SaltHouse Young Adults 2B (35-45) James Maxwell
122 Couples 2 (40-55) Keith & Paula Curd
1101 Couples 3 (40+) Bob Fletcher
1104 Couples 4 (55-70) Billy & Pat Carroll
Adults (co-ed)
RM  Class Teacher
1105  Adult 2 (50+) Mike Francen
123 “Step By Step” Linda Carol Royalty
College & Young Adults
RM  Class Teacher
213 College/Young Adults (18-29) Bryan & Donna Miller
214 Young Professionals (23+) Jon Boese, Daniel Thibodeau


To find your Sunday School class, you can download the FBCJ Facility Map here.