First Baptist Church Joelton

“Let The Children Come”

Did You Know??

  • Children are on campus 6 days a week
  • Average of 232 children attend Sunday School
  • 143 are enrolled in AWANA Sunday evenings
  • 62 preschoolers enrolled in Mother’s Day Out
  • 46 enrolled in weekly preschool

The Need

It has been nearly 30 years since we have given any significant thought to the exterior of the building, playground, and parking lot on the north side of our campus.

Parking Lot 1 and the gravel area are the most used parking lots we have. Broken asphalt, pot holes and uneven walking areas need to be remedied.

To a guest who is unfamiliar with our church, this is the first impression they get when they enter the campus.

The Vision

  1. A covered, metal canopy at the front of the preschool building to allow for a recognizable entrance.
  2. A new two-way entry/exit point from Whites Creek Pike.
  3. A redesigned playground with shading, new equipment, rubber cushioned fall zones, fence, sidewalks and lighting.
  4. A covered canopy at the rear of the
  5. preschool area for those who park in the new parking lot.
  6. 180 spaces for parking.
  7. New lighting and landscaping.
  8. Removal of all power poles and overhead lines.
  9. A garage and storage building for our bus and vans.

The Result

This plan will assist families as they enter and exit the building, improve traffic-flow in our parking lots, provide a safer environment for children on our campus, and increase parking capacity now and for anticipated growth.


Your one time gift MATTERS!

Your weekly, monthly or yearly gift MATTERS!

If 500 families gave $24/week over the course of the next 2 years = $1.25 million.

This plan is achievable through prayer and sacrificial giving.

Online Giving Is Available.