Our community consists of college students, recent graduates, young adults beginning their careers and families, volunteer mentors from the church congregation, and the leadership team. We come from all walks of life—all backgrounds and circumstances—and we all have different stories to tell. Those differences, however, are brought together through our faith in Christ and our love for others.


Connect to a Small Group

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am

At the core of every individual is the need for relationships. We desire a relationship with God our Creator, and with fellow Christians with whom we share a common bond. By gathering together in small groups, studying and discussing God’s Word, sharing the issues and challenges of life, praying and caring for one another, we experience the abundant life Christ came to give. We also grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Bible, connect with others in similar life stages, build lasting friendships, and discover opportunities to engage in ministry action.


Ages 18-22
SaltHouse Upper Room


Young Professionals

Ages 23-30
Room 1103

Grow in Spiritual Maturity

Discipleship is essential to the Christian life. Discipleship, the training process by which we are made to be more like Christ, is most effective in the context of relationships. Central to growing as a disciple is the process of making disciples in everyday life. Parents are commissioned to train up children in the ways of God. Believers are encouraged to spur one another to love and good deeds, doing life together, and holding one another accountable. More mature believers are admonished to invest themselves in less mature believers. We want to encourage every believer to embrace these responsibilities and to equip each believer with the tools to make disciples as Jesus has commanded.

Join a DNA Group

What is a DNA Group?

A DNA group is a closed group of 3-5 men or women who meet regularly for a set period of time for the purpose of growing together in Christ, holding one another accountable, and reproducing their lives in others.

To join a DNA group, men should contact Cody Hardin. Women should contact Louisa Saylor.

Midweek Worship Service

Tuesday Evenings  6:30, The SaltHouse

Midweek is the focal point of our week and the primary place we gather together as a community. This is designed to be a time of fellowship, growth, and encouragement for those involved in our ministry and a point of connection for anyone who is interested. During this time, we worship God together through singing, preaching, and small groups. Our hope is to present the gospel clearly and consistently each and every week.

Stay Connected…

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Ministry Events

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