First Baptist Church Joelton

Path Preschool

Our Preschool Ministry, called “The PATH” (Preschoolers Adventuring Toward Him), seeks to provide quality biblical instruction to preschoolers in the safest manner possible. It is our desire to see that preschoolers are provided with the most age-appropriate Bible lessons as possible during each program of the ministry. People learn more in their first five years of life than they do in their entire lifetime. It is important that we fill this great time of learning with age-appropriate biblical truths. It is our desire that children would learn to love God and the church early in their lives so that they may grow up to have strong spiritual foundations.

Michael Spitzer
Minister of Preschool & Children


Sunday School (8:30 and 9:30 a.m.) – Preschool Children (Babies through Kindergarten) are welcome in our children’s department each Sunday morning for Sunday School. Our preschool teachers love young children and are highly trained and motivated. Each week they come prepared to share important biblical truths with their students. Here is a complete list of our Preschool Sunday School classes offered…

8:30 AM- Preschool Sunday School Classes
Location Age Group Teacher(s)
100 Babies Debbie McQuitty
101 One-Two’s Pauline Brumit, Carlton McGrew
103 Three-Pre-K Grace Davis
9:30 AM- Preschool Sunday School Classes
Location Age Group Teacher(s)
100 Babies Talitha Hellams, Lucy Spencer
101 One’s Kari Bahorik, Kailin Jones, Tanya Paradise                              Sherry Stubblefield
102 Two’s Wendelyn McCullough, Stephanie McGee, Donna Yeager
103 Three’s Melissa Merritt, Sherrie Wilkerson
104 Four’s-PreK Amanda Carroll, Nancy Comeaux, Emily Toombs

To find your child’s Sunday School class, you can download the FBCJ Facility Map here.


Extended Teaching Care (11:00 a.m.) -Extended Teaching Care occurs on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 Worship hour. Volunteers serve on monthly rotations to allow parents to be able to attend the worship service. Planned activities and recreation is provided at this time.


AWANA Puggles and Cubbies (5:20 p.m. – 7:10 p.m.) – Infant care for newborns through one-year-olds is provided on Sunday evenings from 5:20 until 7:10 p.m. During this time, our two year olds through Pre-K enjoy AWANA Club activities just for them. The AWANA Program runs August to May. Childcare is provided for the summer months through Pre-K. To learn more about our AWANA program, click here.